About Me

Even when I was very young I was aware that the world was not all that it seemed to be. Living in London as I did, I was surrounded by some very practical people. There was no room in that world for any ideas that there were things that happened outside the normal - and yet they happened.

I used to see 'rainbows' around people. I didn't know about auras, and there was no one to tell me about them, so I had no idea what I was seeing.

I also remember at primary school, particularly in assembly, I would imagine myself inside the body of one of the other children. This would only last a few seconds but while it lasted I was sure that I was really doing it. Maybe I was, or maybe it was just powerful imagination. I have no way of knowing.

The first 'non-school' subject that I really became interested in would have been psychology. In my late teens I became an avid reader of psychology books in the Pelican range. I then discovered that this range of books had some very interesting titles in other subjects and so my range of reading grew wider. As I read more and more I became that many of the things that I had been told by adults in authority were just not true. I realised that there were people out there who were questioning established ideas. I also realised that there were people out there who were desperately clinging onto those same ideas and were afraid to let them go. I was determined not to be one of them.

I suppose my first big question was “How come this loving and all powerful god allows terrible things to happen?” I have never received a satisfactory answer to this question and I suppose that I never will. Being a highly analytical person, I thought that there must be something to this religion business or no one would ever believe it.

Always looking for the simplest solution, I realised that 'collective worship' actually does have a function. It works on the principal that two heads are better than one and more than two are better still. After some thought I put the whole process into reverse and then it became obvious to me. It was the collective power of all these people that could work miracles, and that the god was merely a focus of this collective power.

With minor variations added over the years this principle has stood me in good stead all my life.

One of the minor variations was that the collective power can be used for evil just as easily as for good. That was one of the saddest discoveries of my life.

To be continued


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